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South Korean Cryptocurrency Taxation of Exchanges | IRS Tax Lawyer

In January of 2018, South Korea announced that it will start taxing cryptocurrency exchanges. This is a highly important development in international tax law concerning cryptocurrencies, because South Korea is a major hub for cryptocurrency trading. Let’s delve a bit deeper into South Korean cryptocurrency taxation. South Korean Cryptocurrency Taxation of Exchanges The first important […]

Sherayzen Law Office Ltd | Международная налоговая юридическая фирма США

Sherayzen Law Office PLLC уведомляет о том, что с 1 января 2018 года его официальным владельцем является Sherayzen Law Office Ltd. Sherayzen Law Office Ltd будет продолжать использовать “Sherayzen Law Office” в качестве своего фирменного названия. Изменение в корпоративной структуре адвокатского бюро Sherayzen Law Office произошло в маркетинговых целях. «PLLC» – это очень необычная форма ведения бизнеса, […]

2017 FBAR Deadline | FinCEN Form 114 FBAR Lawyer & Attorney

FinCEN recently confirmed the 2017 FBAR deadline and the automatic extension option. 2017 FBAR Deadline: FBAR Background FinCEN Form 114, the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts, is commonly known as FBAR.  US taxpayers should use this form to report their financial interest in or signatory authority over foreign financial accounts. Failure to timely […]

Section 1041 Definition of Divorce | Divorce Tax Attorney & Lawyer

26 U.S.C. §1041(a)(2) states that transfers of property between former spouses are not taxable as long as they are “incident to divorce”. The question is what is the definition of divorce for Section 1041 purposes? Section 1041 Definition of Divorce: 26 U.S.C. §71(b)(2) The Treasury regulations specifically refer to 26 U.S.C. §71(b)(2) for the definition […]