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2022 Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures | International Tax Lawyer

Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures has been the best voluntary disclosure option for eligible US taxpayers with undisclosed foreign assets and foreign income, and I predict that it will remain so in the year 2022. Let’s discuss in more detail the unique advantages of the 2022 Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures. 2022 Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures: Background […]

Florida Streamlined Disclosure Lawyer | International Tax Attorney

Florida is one of the most favorite destinations for immigrants as well as US citizens who do business overseas. Many of these taxpayers own assets in foreign countries and receive income generated by these assets. For this reason, Florida is also one of the leading states when it comes to individuals who wish to go […]

2022 Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures: Pros and Cons

As the year 2021 winds down, US taxpayers with undisclosed foreign assets and foreign income need to consider their 2022 offshore voluntary disclosure options. As it has been the case since the second half of 2014 (really the year 2018 when the 2014 OVDP was closed), I expect that Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures will continue […]

Texas Streamlined Disclosure Lawyer | FBAR FATCA Tax Attorney

The increased emigration to Texas of foreigners and Americans from other states resulted in a higher portion of Texans with undisclosed foreign assets. The vast majority of these Texans are non-willful with respect to their prior reporting noncompliance and, once they discover their prior noncompliance, they look for professional help resolve their US tax noncompliance […]

California Streamlined Disclosure Lawyer | FBAR FATCA Tax Attorney

If you are a California resident with undisclosed foreign assets and you believe that you were non-willful with respect to your prior reporting noncompliance, you would be looking for professional help to bring your US tax affairs into full compliance with US international tax law through Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures. In other words, you are […]