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2022 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Options | US International Tax Lawyers

While the year 2021 has ended, numerous taxpayers continue to be substantially noncompliant with various US international tax laws. Hence, it is important for US taxpayers with undisclosed foreign assets to consider their 2022 offshore voluntary disclosure options. In this essay, I would like to provide an overview of these 2022 offshore voluntary disclosure options. […]

San Antonio FBAR Attorney | International Tax Lawyers Texas

If you have foreign financial accounts and reside in San Antonio (Texas), you would be looking for a San Antonio FBAR Attorney in Texas. In your search, you could consider out-of-state attorneys such as Mr. Eugene Sherayzen of Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd. (“Sherayzen Law Office”). Let’s explore in more detail why this is the case. […]

2021 FBAR Conversion Rates | FBAR Tax Lawyer & Attorney

The 2021 FBAR conversion rates are highly important in US international tax compliance. The 2021 FBAR and 2021 Form 8938 instructions both require that 2021 FBAR conversion rates be used to report the required highest balances of foreign financial assets on these forms (in the case of Form 8938, the 2021 FBAR conversion rates is […]