Form 8938 International Tax Lawyers

Hello and welcome to Sherayzen Law Office Video Blog. My name is Eugene Sherayzen; I’m an International Tax Attorney and owner of Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd.

We’re continuing a series of blogs from the Czech Republic, Prague. Today, I would like to talk about Form 8938. Form 8938 was born out of FATCA and it is a form that is used by US Persons to report their Foreign Financial Accounts and other Specified Foreign Assets.

If you would like to learn more about Form 8938, go on my website: or contact me directly (952) 500-8159.

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Form 8938 International Tax Lawyers
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Form 8938 International Tax Lawyers
Eugene Sherayzen, Esq. continues his series of video blog recordings in Prague, Czech Republic concerning international tax issues. Today, he introduces Form 8938.
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Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd.
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