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Getting Prior Year Tax Information from the IRS

If you need to obtain certain prior year tax return information, it is possible to a copy of the actual processed return from the IRS. Often, however, the information you need may be contained in a tax transcript, which can also be obtained directly from the IRS. Tax Return Transcript versus Tax Account Transcript There […]

Trademark Attorney Minneapolis | Cease and Desist Letter: Minimum Format

Most trademark lawyers in Minneapolis recommend that a cease and desist letter regarding trademark violation should contain, at the very minimum, the following components: 1. Trademark Owner’s Identity The cease and desist notice should identify who is the trademark owner. If the letter is being drafted by a trademark owner’s representative, then representative should identify […]

Higher Education Tax Credits

This is an education tax credit update from a Minneapolis tax lawyer.  American Opportunity Tax Credit and the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit are two federal tax credits designed to help eligible taxpayers offset their higher education expenses. To qualify for either credit, a taxpayer must pay postsecondary tuition and fees for himself, spouse or dependent. […]

Trademark Attorney in Minnesota: Cease and Desist Letter and Trademark Enforcement

Prior to engaging in expensive trademark litigation, it is common for Minnesota trademark lawyers to send the violating parties a notice of infringement, demanding that the violators comply with certain demands of the trademark owner and threatening lawsuit otherwise.  This notice is usually called “cease and desist letter”, because it demands that the violator: ceases […]