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Minnesota Business Lawyers: Applying for a Business License

In many industries, obtaining a business license is one of the most significant prerequisites for doing business in Minnesota. Paradoxically, despite its importance, too many businesses resist involving Minnesota business lawyers in this process from the very beginning – at the stage of the business license application preparation. Instead, attorneys throughout Minnesota (including Minneapolis business […]

Innocent Spouse Relief

In general, a husband and wife are jointly and separately liable for any tax, penalty and interest owed for a year in which they have filed a joint tax return. This means that the IRS can collect the entire amount of tax owed from either spouse alone, regardless of who reported income, or who may […]

Internet Sales and Use Taxes: A Growing Concern for Small Businesses and Consumers

Are you a small business owner who frequently sells goods or services over the Internet, or a consumer who purchases expensive products online? Then you may be responsible for charging sales taxes as a seller, or reporting unpaid use taxes as a consumer under new laws that have been passed by various states. As states […]

Preventing the Disaster: Understanding When to File the Report on Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (FBAR)

Despite the potentially grave consequences, many U.S. taxpayers are completely unaware of the extensive reporting requirements under the Bank Secrecy Act, particularly of the disclosure of ownership or other interest in or authority over financial accounts in a foreign country by filing the Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (the “FBAR”). While one can […]

Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Appeal Hearing: Top Five Preparation Strategies

Minnesota Unemployment Insurance Appeal Hearing (“UI hearing”) is a serious legal event for many small- and mid-size businesses that may have far-reaching tax and employment law consequences for these businesses, especially when the hearing is about such a delicate and important issue as classification of workers as independent contractors. Yet too many business owners are […]