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Tax Lawyer Minneapolis | Common Tax Penalties and Interest: The Basics

Penalties and interest may be impose d by the IRS relating to various tax underpayments. Taxpayers should understand some of the basic tax penalties detailed in this article (many of which can be quite sever) in order to avoid such penalties if possible, and to perhaps mitigate any imposed penalties. Accuracy-Related Penalties An accuracy-related penalty […]

Minneapolis Tax Lawyer | Tax Consequences of Selling a Structured Settlement

Are your structured settlement payments taxable? For federal income tax purposes, it is not relevant whether a plaintiff receives proceeds from a judgment or settlement. No matter how the result is reached, amounts received are characterized either as income, or are specifically excluded from income. Section 104 of the Internal Revenue Code generally excludes from […]

Business Tax Lawyers | Certain End-of-Year Tax Deadlines and Reminders (2010)

The following are some upcoming tax deadlines and reminders for the December of 2010. (This list may not include all applicable tax deadlines for your situation, and does not constitute tax advice; please, consult Sherayzen Law Office for more information and assistance with your tax planning needs.) Selected General Deadline Reminders for Individuals: December 31, […]