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The definition of a Boulder FBAR Lawyer is much broader than many people believe. In this brief essay, I would like to explain who is considered to be a Boulder FBAR Lawyer and why you should retain the services of Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd. for professional help with your FBAR issues.

Boulder FBAR Lawyer Definition: Legal FBAR Services Provided in Boulder, Colorado

Obviously, the definition of a Boulder FBAR lawyer includes all FBAR lawyers who are physically located in Boulder, Colorado, and offer services there. However, this definition also includes every international tax lawyer who offers FBAR services in Boulder, Colorado,

This is the case because FBAR is a creation of federal law, not state law. This means that, irrespective of his physical location, an international tax lawyer can provide his FBAR services in Boulder as long as he is licensed to practice law in any of the 50 states or District of Columbia. What is really important is the competence and experience of an international tax lawyer, not his residence in Boulder.

Boulder FBAR Lawyer’s Knowledge of US International Tax Law is the Key Factor

Indeed, the competence of a lawyer should be the key factor in retaining the services of a Boulder FBAR lawyer. The level of competence of an FBAR lawyer depends on his knowledge of and the experience in US international tax law in general and FBARs specifically.

Why this emphasis not just on FBARs, but competence in US international tax law? First, FBAR forms just a part of a much bigger area of US international tax law. Second, in almost all cases, the FBAR issues are related to and often depend on other international tax compliance requirements (e.g. foreign income determination). In fact, the interaction between FBAR and other international tax issues is a major factor that determines a taxpayer’s legal position. This is why your Boulder FBAR lawyer should have a profound understanding of both FBARs and US international tax law in general.

Boulder FBAR Lawyer: Out-of-State Ability to Communicate is Not a Problem

Some readers may wonder why I emphasize the competence as a key factor in retainer of a Boulder FBAR lawyer and ignore the ease-of-communication considerations. It seems that some persons still cling to an obsolete belief that it would be more convenient to communicate with a local Boulder FBAR lawyer rather than an out-of-state one.

This is a flawed belief that I have been battling for a long time now. There are two reasons for why the communications factor no longer depends on the actual residence of your Boulder FBAR lawyer. First of all, the development of modern means of communications completely resolved the communications issues of the earlier centuries. Email, Video Skype Conferences, telephone and text messages make your out-of-state Boulder FBAR lawyer as equally accessible as your local Boulder FBAR lawyer.

Second, in reality, almost the entire course of communication between you and your local lawyer is going to be exactly the same as it would be between you and your out-of-state lawyer – i.e. email, telephone and even regular mail. Your local Boulder FBAR lawyer simply would not have the time to meet with you every time he needs to communicate something to you. Moreover, given the large amount of issues that often arise with respect to FBARs, personal meetings on every issue would simply make the case too expensive and inconvenient.

There is one additional point that is worth making here. While the geography of your Boulder FBAR lawyer does not matter, it is important that the lawyer is accessible to you and you can communicate with him on the progress of the case. However, this is a retainer factor that is highly personal to each lawyer.

In my case, my clients have no problems communicating with me; most of the time I will be able to respond before the end of the day and, often, immediately.

Sherayzen Law Office is Your Preferred Choice for Your Boulder FBAR Lawyer

Sherayzen Law Office is a highly experienced international tax law firm with profound knowledge of FBARs. We have been helping our clients worldwide with their FBAR issues for a very long time; in fact, we are one of the few firms which advised clients with respect to all major IRS voluntary disclosure programs, including 2009 OVDP, 2011 OVDI, 2012 OVDP, 2014 OVDP and Streamlined Procedures (Domestic and Foreign). We can help you!

This is why, if you are looking for a Boulder FBAR lawyer, you should contact Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd. today to schedule Your Confidential Consultation!

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