Business Lawyers Minneapolis: Preparing for Initial Consultation I

Preparing for the initial consultation with your Minneapolis business lawyer usually involves at least two steps. First, gathering the information you need to supply to your business attorney. Second, preparing the questions you want to ask your business lawyer. This essay deals with the first part of the preparation.

It is important to understand that your Minneapolis business lawyer will initially have to rely almost exclusively on the information that you supply to him. Moreover, failure to supply the necessary information during initial consultation may lead to significant delays in your case and increase your legal expenses. This is why it is very important to come prepared to the initial interview.

The first step is to ask your Minneapolis business lawyer about what you should bring with you. While Minneapolis business lawyers commonly recommend that you should bring all documents that are related to your case, I usually list specific documents which are customary in a given business situation.

“Everything related to the case” usually includes all documents, statements, e-mails, letters, corporate business documents, et cetera. Sometimes, this would mean divulging sensitive financial and personal information. You should not feel uncomfortable in doing so, because a lawyer will guard all of this information. Client confidentiality is the cornerstone of Sherayzen Law Office’s practice. We jealously guard all client information that a client supplied to us in confidence.

The second step is for you to review what documents you actually have against the list of the documents requested by your attorney. It is possible that you may lack some documents. The purpose of this step is to identity the missing information.

The third step is to try to obtain the missing information before meeting with your business attorney. If this is not possible, then let your attorney know during the consultation what information you are missing and whether you will be able to find it after the meeting.

Once you go through these three steps, the first part of the your preparation for the initial business consultation is finished. I will discuss the second part of your preparation in the next article.

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