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At this point I will switch over to English (laughter) because any discussion of International Tax Law requires precision, which my French, unfortunately cannot convey at this point.

Before we delve into the subject matter of today’s discussion, I would like to give you some background information so that you have an idea about who I am and what it is I do.

My name is Eugene Sherayzen and I’ve been an International Tax Attorney for about eleven years now; I started practicing Law right after I finished Law School and got my Attorney License in 2005. All these years, I’ve been devoted to building my own Law Firm, Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd. which specializes in International Tax Compliance, in particular Offshore Voluntary Disclosures; this is by far the largest area of my practice in International Tax Law but I also do International Tax Planning and Annual US Tax Compliance.

The nature of my practice is such that I have a very wide-range of Clients, from school teachers, to owners of Multimillion dollar businesses, to families of Chiefs of African tribes, to Foreign Businesses that invest in the United States, to US Businesses who wish to expand overseas etc., etc.

These Clients come from various Countries. I’ve had Clients from every Continent in which there is a permanent human settlement except Greenland (but that is a subject of discussion, of dispute as I understand, no one really knows whether it’s an Island or a Continent as this matter isn’t settled just yet).

I did attempt to count how many Countries I’ve dealt with over these years and I have come up with a number which is over sixty, and this is not counting the Consultations from obscure Countries; of Consultations from ships, sometimes people call me while they’re still at sea.

International Tax Law Firm
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International Tax Law Firm
Eugene Sherayzen, Esq. introduces his international tax law firm during his presentation at Alliance Française in Minneapolis.
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