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There are two definitions of who qualifies to be Seattle FATCA lawyers. First, Seattle FATCA lawyers are lawyers who are work in Seattle and who specialize in helping U.S. taxpayers and/or foreign financial institutions with FATCA compliance.

The second type of international tax attorneys who can qualify as Seattle FATCA lawyers became possible as a result of the development of modern communication technologies. These are the lawyers who reside outside of Seattle (e.g. in Minneapolis) and help clients who live and work in Seattle, Washington. Sherayzen Law Office is a good example of such Seattle FATCA lawyers – the firm’s founder, Mr. Sherayzen resides in Minneapolis but provides FATCA-related services to his clients in Seattle.

The residence of Seattle FATCA lawyers does not matter due to the fact that FATCA is federal law and any international tax lawyer who is licensed to practice in any of the fifty states of the United States can help his clients wherever they reside. Modern technologies (such as Internet, email, video Skype conference, et cetera) allow a Minneapolis lawyer to provide at least the same quality of service in Seattle as other Seattle FATCA lawyers. The necessary documents are usually supplied via email, flash drives (or other similar digital storage devices) and regular mail.  If a document needs to contain an original signature (e.g. amended tax return), then it is sent to client either by email or mail, the client signs the document at his home without the need of going to the lawyer’s office then mails it back to his lawyer.

The quality that should really matter to clients who are looking for Seattle FATCA lawyers is that their lawyers have deep knowledge of FATCA, foreign accounts disclosure and the U.S. international tax law in general. The knowledge of U.S. international tax compliance obligations is especially important for Seattle FATCA lawyers, because FATCA is merely a part (though, a very important part) of a much larger set of U.S. international tax laws. All of these laws are related to each other and their interaction creates real tax consequences for U.S. taxpayers, including those who reside in Seattle. This is why it is important for Seattle FATCA lawyers to know the entire U.S. tax structure, not just FATCA itself.

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If you are looking for Seattle FATCA lawyers, contact Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd., an international tax law firm that specializes in FATCA compliance, offshore voluntary disclosures and U.S. international tax compliance in general.

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