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Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Minneapolis is becoming a common search for an individual who is looking for professional help in Minneapolis with his streamlined voluntary disclosure of undeclared foreign assets and foreign income. Let’s analyze this search term – Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Minneapolis – to understand what kind of an attorney fits into this search.

Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Minneapolis Search Covers SDOP and SFOP

First of all, Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Minneapolis search applies to attorneys who help clients with both SDOP (Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures) and SFOP (Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures). I already explored the both of these options in earlier articles.

Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Minneapolis Search Applies Only to International Tax Attorneys

Second, Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Minneapolis applies only to international tax attorneys. This is the case because both programs, SFOP and SDOP, form part of the IRS voluntary disclosure options which, in turn, form part of the much larger US international tax law practice. Thus, in order to be a Streamlined Disclosure Attorney in Minneapolis, the attorney must be first and foremost an international tax attorney.

What is the practical application of this conclusion? Simple and yet highly important – an attorney who offers SDOP and SFOP services must be knowledgeable in other areas of international tax law, because both of these voluntary disclosure options are highly dependent on the facts of the case and the interpretation of these facts in light of US international tax laws and regulations (including FATCA). Furthermore, SDOP and SFOP are directly concerned with various US international tax forms such as FBAR, Form 8938, Form 5471, Form 3520, Form 8621 and many others.

Hence, a search for Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Minneapolis can easily be replaced by a search for a broader category of International Tax Attorney Minneapolis.

Sherayzen Law Office is a top choice when you search for Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Minneapolis

Sherayzen Law Office Ltd. is an international tax law firm that specializes in all types of offshore voluntary disclosure, including SDOP and SFOP. Our professional tax team, headed by Mr. Eugene Sherayzen, is highly experienced in helping US clients around the globe with their US international tax issues, including voluntary disclosure of foreign accounts and other foreign assets. This why Sherayzen Law Office should be a top candidate when you search for Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Minneapolis.

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