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Can a lawyer who resides in Minneapolis be considered an Atlanta FBAR Lawyer? What kind of law should such a lawyer practice? These are the two questions that I seek to answer in this article.

Atlanta FBAR Lawyer Definition: Legal FBAR Services Provided in Atlanta, Georgia

Let’s start with the first question. The term Atlanta FBAR Lawyer is comprised of two broad category of lawyers. The first category consists of international tax lawyers who reside in Atlanta and offer FBAR services to the residents of Atlanta. This is self-explanatory.

The second category is a bit more complicated because it is comprised of international tax lawyers who reside outside of Atlanta but offer FBAR services to the residents of Atlanta. At first, this does not seem logical, but, once we look into the legal nature of the FBAR, it makes perfect sense.

FBAR is a federal information return required by Title 31 of the United State Code. This is not a local requirement of Atlanta or the State of Georgia; they have no influence over the interpretation and the implementation of the FBAR requirement. This means that any licensed US international tax lawyer can offer FBAR services in any of the 50 states and the District of Columbia irrespective of his physical location.

Now, it is clear why an Atlanta FBAR lawyer can reside in Minneapolis – since the local law has no influence over FBARs, there is no special knowledge or access to courts associated with local lawyers. In essence, a lawyer in Minneapolis can offer FBAR legal services in Atlanta with the same ease as a lawyer who resides in Atlanta.

Atlanta FBAR Lawyer Must Be a US International Tax Lawyer

Now, we can turn to second question of the relevant practice area of law. Since FBAR constitutes a small part of US international tax law, there is a profound connection between FBAR and international tax law. In fact, it is this relationship between the FBAR and the rest of the international tax law requirements that apply in a particular case (based on the facts of that case) that determines the legal position of the taxpayer in a voluntary disclosure case.

This means that an Atlanta FBAR lawyer must also be an international tax lawyer – i.e. a lawyer who has profound knowledge of US international tax law requirements, including FBAR.

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