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Mexican Fideicomiso is one of the most convenient ways for U.S. persons to purchase land in Mexico. Of course, one can purchase the land through a Mexican corporation, but such an arrangement will require additional tax planning and higher annual compliance costs, including potentially filing form 5471, Form 8938 and other forms. Therefore, most U.S. persons prefer to purchase land in Mexico through a Mexican Fideicomiso.

I am often asked a question about whether Mexican Fideicomiso should be considered a foreign trust for U.S. tax purposes. The answer to this questions is fairly straightforward, but it is important to point out a potential pitfall.

Main Rule: Mexican Fideicomiso is Not a Foreign Trust for U.S. Tax Purposes

The U.S. tax treatment of Mexican Fideicomiso was settled by the IRS in PLR 201245003 and, even more authoritatively, IRS Revenue Ruling 2013-14. In PLR 201245003 and Rev. Rul. 2013-14, the IRS decisively ruled that a Mexican Fideicomiso is not a foreign trust for U.S. tax purposes.

Main Rule Applies Only If a True Mexican Fideicomiso Relationship is Preserved

It is important to understand, however, that PLR 201245003 and Rev. Rul. 2013-14 apply only if the true Fideicomiso relationship is preserved. If this relationship is modified with other features and agreements, then the U.S. tax treatment of the new arrangement may actually change. For example, if the trustee of Mexican Fideicomiso suddenly acquires the ability to act independently and in complete disregard of the beneficiary’s instructions, the IRS may start treating this modified Mexican Fideicomiso as a foreign trust.

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