Foreign Partnership Tax Attorneys: Filing Form 8865 Schedule O (Part I)

Foreign Partnership Tax Attorneys should point out to their clients that Form 8865 should be used by US taxpayers to report the information required under IRC section 6038 (reporting regarding controlled foreign partnerships), section 6038B (reporting of transfers made to foreign partnerships), and/or section 6046A (reporting of acquisitions, dispositions, and changes in foreign partnership interests).

This article will explain the basics of Part I (“Transfers Reportable Under Section 6038B”) for Schedule O– “Transfer of Property to a Foreign Partnership”, an additional form submitted with Form 8865 that must be completed by certain categories of taxpayers. This article is not intended to convey tax or legal advice. US-International partnership taxation can involve many complex tax and legal issues, so you are advised to seek an experienced attorney in these matters. Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd. can assist you in all of your tax and legal needs, and help you avoid making costly mistakes.

Foreign Partnership Tax Attorneys: Who Must File Schedule O?

Schedule O is typically required to be filed by Category 3 filers under the Form 8865 instructions. In general, Category 3 filers are US persons who contributed property during their tax year to a foreign partnership in exchange for a partnership interest in the partnership (a section 721 transfer), if such persons either owned (directly or constructively) at least a 10% interest in the foreign partnership immediately after the contribution, or if value of the property contributed, when added to the value of any other property contributed to the partnership by such persons (including related persons), during the 12-month period ending on the date of the contribution is greater than $100,000.

Note, this is a general summary of Category 3 filers, and does not include all possibilities. It is very important to consult a foreign partnership tax attorney for help. Please see the instructions or contact Sherayzen Law Office for further details.

Foreign Partnership Tax Attorneys: Schedule O, Part I (“Transfers Reportable Under Section 6038B”)

Part I of Schedule O is used to report the contribution of property to a foreign partnership. In column (a), taxpayers must fill out the date of the property transfer (and if the transfer consisted of multiple transactions over a number of dates, the date the transfer was completed, would be entered). In Column (b), taxpayers list the number of items of property contributed, and in column (c), the fair market value of the property transferred, as of the date of the transfer, must be specified. Column (d) needs to be completed to detail the contributed property’s adjusted basis as of the date of transfer.

If appreciated property was contributed by a taxpayer, column (e) must be filled out, and the method (traditional, traditional with curative allocations, or remedial) used by the foreign partnership to make section 704(c) allocations with respect to each item of property must be specified (see Regulations section 1.704-3(b), (c), and (d) for more information). Also note that the instructions require that if appreciated property or intangible property is contributed, taxpayers must, “[P]rovide the information required in columns (a) through (g) separately with respect to each item of property transferred (except to the extent you are allowed to aggregate the property under Regulations sections 1.704-3(e)(2), (3), and (4)).” If gain was recognized by the taxpayer on the contribution of property, then column (f) must be completed. In Column (g), taxpayers need to state their percentage interest in the foreign partnership immediately after the property transfer (see the instructions for further information about specific types of percentage interest).

Finally, taxpayers may need to provide supplemental information, if required. Further, if property was contributed to a foreign partnership as part of a broader transaction, information about the transaction should be described.

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