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In today’s world connected through an invisible network of new technologies, a great number of persons prefer to choose an attorney based on his qualities rather than his state of residence. The residents of Madison, Wisconsin, similarly search for such an attorney, especially in the area of Streamlined compliance procedures by utilizing the search words: Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Madison.

The question is whether an attorney in Minneapolis falls within the search for Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Madison. Furthermore, is there an ethical problem? – i.e. does a Minnesota attorney’s license extend to help clients in Madison with respect to Streamlined Compliance Procedures? Let’s answer all of these questions in this article.

Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Madison Search Includes Attorneys Who Reside in Another State

The answer to the first question is “yes’ – the search for Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Madison includes an attorney whose residence is in Minneapolis as long as this attorney offers his services in Madison to help clients with international tax law issues.

There can be no doubt that an attorney in Minneapolis is objectively (i.e. setting aside the personal qualities and the level of competence that naturally differ from attorney to attorney even within Madison) qualified to provide services in Madison. On the technological side, the improvements in modern communications technology with online video conferences and email, combined with the traditional express mail, have completely eliminated the logistical and administrative differences between a local attorney in Madison and an attorney from Minneapolis who offers his Streamlined Compliance Procedures services in Madison.

On the legal side, the difference never even existed. While there are still many local Madison legal issues concerning local and state law where local attorneys hold a decisive advantage over out-of-state attorneys, this is not the case when it comes to Streamlined Compliance Procedures. This is because Streamlined Compliance Procedures is a purely federal law with zero Madison or even Wisconsin influence. In fact, these procedures constitute an IRS program within the regulatory framework of the much larger US international tax law.

This means that a search for a Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Madison is really a search for an international tax attorney who deals with the Streamlined Compliance Procedures and helps clients in Madison. There is no requirement that the Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Madison actually resides in Madison.

Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Madison Search Applies to Any US International Tax Attorney Without Any License Limitations

The answer to the second question – whether there are any license limitations for a Minnesota attorney to offer international tax services related to Streamlined Compliance Procedures to clients in Madison – is clear from the discussion above: no, there are no attorney license limitations in this case.

Again, the search for Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Madison is a search for an international tax attorney for a specific US international tax law issue. In fact, a search for Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Madison can be easily replaced by a search for a broader category of International Tax Attorney Madison. There is simply no specific local input from City of Madison or the State of Wisconsin, and, theoretically, any attorney licensed to practice in the United States can practice federal tax law.

Of course, in practice, only highly specialized international tax attorneys are competent enough to practice in the area of US international tax law. The number of such attorneys is extremely small; this means that the persons who search for a Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Madison must necessarily broaden their search to attorneys who reside in other states in order to have a real chance for choosing the right Streamlined Disclosure Attorney Madison.

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