Retaining Savannah International Tax Attorney: Location Choice

One of the important issues that US taxpayers with undisclosed foreign accounts face is whether it is better to retain an international tax attorney in Savannah or in Minneapolis if you live in Savannah, Georgia? If you were to search “Savannah international tax attorney”, Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd. (which is based in Minneapolis) is likely to come out on the first page together with other international tax attorneys in Savannah. The question is: should the geographical proximity of an attorney play a role in the retainer decision?

The answer depends on many factors. On the one hand, if you are looking for a sales tax attorney, then you may not have a choice but to find a local attorney. This is because local law and procedure would govern in this case, and an attorney familiar with local sales tax issues would be the best choice for handling a sales tax case. Of course, even in this case, there are exceptions because, sometimes, the unique qualities of an outside attorney are so desirable by the client that the court may accede in temporarily admitting this outside lawyer to practice just for one case.

One the other end of the spectrum, if you are searching for a Savannah international tax attorney because you have undeclared offshore accounts, then the knowledge of local law and procedure are likely to be of very little value. Instead, the experience and knowledge of an attorney in his area of offshore voluntary disclosures will become the most important factors in retaining an international tax attorney.

What if you have an international tax lawyer in Savannah, do you still want to consider an attorney in Minneapolis? The answer is “yes” – for two reasons. First, international tax attorneys differ in their natural ability to identify problems and find solutions, creativity, advocacy and many other factors. Therefore, there is no reason to stay away from a better international tax attorney in Minneapolis even if there is a lawyer in Savannah.

Second, in addition to differences in personal qualities, the experience of the international tax attorney in the area of offshore voluntary disclosures and the ability to analyze the specific subject matter of the undisclosed accounts in the broader context of the voluntary disclosure (including potential strategies that may become available due to client’s specific facts) are very important factors in retaining the attorney and should override the attorney’s particular geography.

What is a fairly unique feature about Sherayzen Law Office is that we can handle the entire case internally – both, the legal and the accounting sides of it. Most Savannah international tax attorneys in this area of law do not do that and rely on the outside accountant to provide such additional services. The outsourcing approach has various disadvantages, including potential leak of information, lack of close coordination between both sides of the case, increased possibility of missed opportunities and absence of the unity of goal among the professionals who are preoccupied with their respective areas only. The approach adopted by Sherayzen Law Office is aimed to reduce and eliminate such problems.

So, the next time you search for a Savannah international tax attorney, keep these issues in mind while retaining an attorney from Minneapolis or any other city.

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