Exceptions to Filing Form 8865 Part II

Form 8865 (“Return of U.S. Persons With Respect to Certain Foreign Partnerships”) is an important international tax form which is used to report the information required under section 6038 (reporting with respect to controlled foreign partnerships), section 6038B (reporting of transfers to foreign partnerships), or section 6046A (reporting of acquisitions, dispositions, and changes in foreign partnership interests), and is required for certain defined categories of filers. However, as any international tax attorney would affirm, there are certain exceptions to filing Form 8865.

In an earlier article, we covered the exceptions for multiple Category 1 filers and for indirect partners under the constructive ownership rules. This article will briefly explain the Form 8865 exceptions for members of an affiliated group of corporations filing a consolidated return, the exception for certain trusts, and the exception for certain Category 4 filers.

This article is not intended to constitute tax or legal advice. International taxation and foreign partnerships can involve many complex tax and legal issues, so you are advised to seek an experienced attorney in these matters.

Members of an Affiliated Group of Corporations Filing a Consolidated Return

A common parent corporation may file a single Form 8865 on behalf of all of the members of an affiliated group of corporations filing a consolidated return if they qualify as Category 1 or 2 filers. Except for group members who additionally qualify under the constructive owner’s exception, the filed Form 8865 must contain all required information that would have been submitted had each group member filed its own Form 8865.

Exception for Certain Trusts

For trusts involving state and local government employee retirement plans, the filing of Form 8865 is not required.

Exception for Certain Category 4 Filers

For taxpayers that qualify as both Category 3 and 4 filers because they contributed property to a foreign partnership in exchange for a 10% or greater interest in that partnership, there is an exception for reporting under both Category 3 and 4 filing requirements.

For example, assume a taxpayer, who is not a partner in a foreign partnership, acquires a 20% partnership interest by transferring property to the partnership. Because of the transfer and the fact that at least a 10% interest was acquired immediately after the contribution, the taxpayer will qualify as a Category 3 filer. The Category 4 filing requirement will also be met because the taxpayer did not own a 10% or greater direct interest in the partnership and as a result of the acquisition, the person owns a 10% or greater direct interest in the partnership. Under the exception, if the contribution of property was properly reported on Form 8865 pursuant to Category 3 filer requirements, the taxpayer will not be required to also report the 20% interest acquisition in the foreign partnership as a Category 4 filer (the acquisition will still count as a reportable event to determine if a later change in partnership interest will qualify as a reportable event under Category 4).

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