Madison Foreign Trust Lawyer | International Tax Attorney

If you are a US beneficiary or a US owner of a foreign trust and you reside in Madison, Wisconsin, you need the help of an experienced Madison Foreign Trust Lawyer to properly comply with complex US tax reporting requirements regarding foreign trusts and avoid paying very high penalties. Who should you consider retaining as your Madison Foreign Trust Lawyer?

Definition of a Madison Foreign Trust Lawyer: Legal Services Provided in Madison, Wisconsin

First, you want to consider only international tax law firms that offer their services related to foreign trust compliance in Madison, Wisconsin. Note the important language here: “offer their services … in Madison”. Offering services in Madison is not equivalent to residing in Madison.

This means that the definition of a Madison Foreign Trust Lawyer includes not only international tax lawyers who live in Madison, but also lawyers who reside elsewhere (for example, Minneapolis) and offer their services in Madison. It should be, however, a lawyer is licensed to practice law in any of the 50 states or District of Columbia.

Why is the residence not important when it comes to defining who is a Madison Foreign Trust Lawyer? The answer is rather simple – foreign trust law is mainly federal and the high-penalty tax forms are also federal. This means that, unlike situation which concern local law, the input of Madison or even Wisconsin law is very small and, in most situations, none. Since the focus is on the federal tax compliance, the physical residence of your foreign trust lawyer does not matter.

Madison Foreign Trust Lawyer Must Be an Experienced International Tax Lawyer

Now that you know that you can choose your Madison Foreign Trust Lawyer from a larger pool of lawyers and without any geographical limitations, we can turn to the second retainer criteria – a Madison Foreign Trust Lawyer should be an international tax lawyer who is experienced in the are of foreign trust compliance laws and regulations.

A foreign trust lawyer should be aware of all areas of US international tax law that are directly and indirectly relevant to foreign trusts in order to properly help his clients. He should know the foreign trust classification, foreign trust compliance (including Form 3520), foreign trust income reporting, FATCA issues, the rules concerning indirect ownership of foreign assets through a foreign trust and many other relevant issues. Thus, the competence of your lawyer in the area of foreign trusts should be the most important criteria in your selection of an Madison Foreign Trust Lawyer.

Sherayzen Law Office Should Be Retained as Your Madison Foreign Trust Lawyer

Under this criteria, Sherayzen Law Office should be a top choice for your Madison Foreign Trust Lawyer. Led by its founder and international tax attorney Eugene Sherayzen, this firm is one of the leading experts in the field of foreign trust US tax compliance and planning. Not only does it boast a higher devoted and experienced legal team with extensive knowledge of all major relevant areas of US international tax law (including Form 3520, Form 3520-A, PFIC compliance, FATCA, FBAR and other relevant requirements), but it has also helped it clients with foreign trust voluntary disclosures in cases where its clients did not timely and/or correctly complied with the numerous US tax reporting requirements. Sherayzen Law Office has also defended its clients against the IRS attempts to make its clients owners of a foreign trusts where, in reality, they were simply beneficiaries.

This is why, if you are looking for an Madison Foreign Trust Lawyer, you should contact Sherayzen Law Office today to schedule Your Confidential Consultation!