Minnesota Money Transmitter License Application: Required Enclosures

When a business entity applies for a Minnesota money transmitter license, the applicant must be aware that, in addition to answering the questions on the application, the Department of Commerce (“Department”) requires a large number of additional documents that must accompany the original license application. While the precise nature of the required documentation varies depending on whether the applicant is a corporate entity or noncorporate entity and how many locations the applicant intends to operate, the following documents usually must be submitted with the original license application.

1. Sample of the authorized delegate contract(s), if applicable;
2. Sample of the form of payment instrument(s);
3. If the applicant is a corporation, copy of the “Certificate of Incorporation” or, if incorporated in another jurisdiction, copy of the “Certificate of Foreign Incorporation” from the Minnesota Secretary of State. If, however, the applicant is not a corporation, then a copy of the “Article of Organization”;
4. Certificate of good standing from the state in which the applicant is incorporated (if applicable);
5. Copy of criminal history verification for each person listed in Section III or IV of the application;
6. Required financial statements;
7. Surety bond, irrevocable letter of credit, or other similar security device for the required amount (the form is included in the application);
8. Uniform Consent to Service of Process and acknowledgment form;
9. If the applicant has employees in Minnesota, then evidence of current worker’s compensation coverage;
10. Authorization to Release Information form;
11. Affidavit of Official Signing Application form; and
12. Check of money order for the applicable fee amount payable to the “Department of Commerce”.

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