Non-Resident Indians Face High Exposure to the FBAR Reporting Requirements

Non-Resident Indian (NRI) is an Indian citizen who has migrated to another country, a person of Indian origin who is born outside India, or a person of Indian origin who resides permanently outside India. A large number of the NRIs left India as a result of a job offer, for example as a software engineer or an IT consultant.

In spite of leaving their country, most NRIs maintain close ties with their homeland and their families. There is a trend among NRIs to purchase rural and semi-rural non-income producing land in India as a retirement investment. A minority of the NRIs also rents out their homes and apartments.

As a result of all of this personal and economic activity, the NRIs have a constant source of foreign income, which is usually deposited either in an NRO bank account. In order to purchase real property in India or help their families, NRIs often open and maintain NRE accounts as well.

Unfortunately, most of the NRIs residing in the United States are completely unaware that these NRO, NRE, and other bank and financial accounts must be reported on the FBAR (the Report on Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts).

This problem is further exacerbated by the fact that a lot of NRIs think that paying taxes in India means that you do not need to report their Indian income in the United States. As a result of this misunderstanding, a lot of NRIs end up in a situation where they are in violation of both FBAR and income tax requirements.

This is an extremely dangerous combination which may result in the imposition of substantial FBAR penalties as well as additional income tax penalties. In the worse case scenarios, where the IRS finds that the violation is willful, a criminal prosecution may be initiated.

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