The Location of Your International Tax Lawyers Austin Texas

Choosing your lawyer among International Tax Lawyers Austin Texas is not a simple task, especially for a US taxpayer thinking about doing an offshore voluntary disclosure. One of the critical questions often arises is whether it is better to retain an international tax lawyer in Austin or in Minneapolis if you live in Austin? It is also related to a broader question: is the location of your international tax lawyer important?

Let’s analyze this question in the context of retaining one or more International Tax Lawyers Austin Texas.

International Tax Lawyers Austin Texas: US International Tax Law and Geography

One of the most critical aspects of US international tax law is that it does not respect national or state borders. Rather, it focuses on the individual taxpayer; if the taxpayer is a US person, then he is subject to US international tax law.

Another important aspect of US international tax law is that it applies uniformly (with a few exceptions, such blockades, sanctions, et cetera) irrespective of where the individual taxpayer is.

This means that, if you are in Austin and searching for International Tax Lawyers Austin Texas, it does not matter whether your lawyer is physically located in Austin, Minneapolis or Buenos Aires. The knowledge of international tax law of your lawyer and the application of that law to your specific case does not depend on the physical location of your lawyer.

International Tax Lawyers Austin Texas: Expertise and Experience in International Tax Law is the Critical Criteria, Not Geography

Based on this logic, it is easy to see that the geographical location of your International Tax Lawyers Austin Texas is not the most important factor in your decision to retain an attorney. Rather, it is a lawyer’s expertise in international tax law that should drive your decision.

If you feel comfortable with the lawyer’s grasp of the subject matter and his experience in handling cases involving issues similar to the ones involved in your case, then these factors should be the critical factors on which your decision to retain the an international tax lawyer should be based.

International Tax Lawyers Austin Texas: “Face-to-Face” Meetings Obstacle Has Been Overcome By Modern Technology

There is a common misconception that your international tax lawyer must be near you in order to understand you and be able to render advice.

About a third of my clients are overseas and, additionally, more than a third of my clients are located in the United States but outside of Minnesota, leaving me with only about a quarter of my clients physically located in Minnesota. Yet, this factor never influenced the outcome in any of my cases.

In the modern world of Video Skype Conferences, the value of the face-to-face meetings has deteriorated and, in most cases, completely disappeared.

Contact Sherayzen Law Office for Help With International Tax Issues

Hence, if you are searching for International Tax Lawyers Austin Texas, contact the international tax law team of Sherayzen Law Office (physically based in Minneapolis, MN). Our team of international tax professionals has developed deep expertise in international tax law based on the help that we have rendered to hundreds of US taxpayers worldwide.

So, if you have international tax issues with respect to undeclared foreign accounts, international tax compliance or international tax planning, please contact an experienced international tax attorney, Mr. Eugene Sherayzen of Sherayzen Law Office for comprehensive legal and tax help.

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