Contract Litigation Lawyers Minnesota | Understanding Contract Litigation

Contract litigation permeates the very fabric of advanced economic societies. The primary reason for this widespread presence of this type of litigation is because contracts provide the most common and basic means of conducting transactions between individuals and especially businesses. Contracts, whether written or oral, govern the everyday economic relations. Every time you buy something for a certain price at a store, you agree to a contract. Every time your business hires a worker, it enters a contract.

Since contracts can be found almost everywhere in our economic lives, it is little wonder that disputes often arise between the parties about the exact terms of what they have agreed to or what their contractual obligations are.

Contract litigation is a civilized way to settling these contract disputes. It is a process where the parties to a contract, usually represented by contract litigation attorneys, present their respective arguments to an impartial judge of the relevant jurisdiction the laws of which govern the interpretation of the contracts and even which laws apply. Usually, the parties’ arguments revolve around three common themes. First, interpretation of the contract and the parties’ rights and obligations. Second, enforcement of a party’s contractual rights or obligations. Third, obtaining remedy for whatever damage produced as a result of the other party’s breach of contract. Usually, the remedy is limited to recovering damages, but there are situations where a party will seek an order from the court to compel the other party to perform as promised (this is known as “specific performance”). In some situations, an injunction prohibiting a party from doing something may be appropriate.

A lot of people unfamiliar with contract litigation commit a common mistake of thinking that contract interpretation is limited solely to the language that can be found in the contract itself. While ambiguous, competing or contradictory clauses may form the core of a party’s argument, contract litigation lawyers usually have to also analyze the particular facts of a case which may be relevant to the interpretation of the disputed language of the contract.

Beyond these basic litigation themes, contract litigation involves a myriad of other procedural and substantive decisions: assessment by contract litigation lawyers of whether a case should be litigated, where to file the case, the laws of which jurisdiction of should apply, what evidence should be presented, who should testify, how would a judge interpret the contract given the trends in the laws of a relevant jurisdiction, and so on. Therefore, it is very important to involve a contract litigation lawyer as early as possible in the contract litigation process.

Sherayzen Law Office can guide you through this labyrinth of procedural and substantive issues and litigate the case for you. When you retain Sherayzen Law Office to represent you in a contract dispute litigation, you get a vigorous advocate of your legal position who is thorough, detail-orientated and possesses strong litigation skills, with the analytical ability to identify and achieve effective resolutions. We recognize that litigation is a means to an end and structure our litigation strategies in such a way as to protect and enforce your business interests.

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