Austin FBAR Tax Lawyer

A question that I would like to explore in this article is: Who is considered to be an Austin FBAR tax lawyer?

It seems to be an odd question, because a lot of people would say that an Austin FBAR tax lawyer is an attorney who resides in Austin and does FBAR law.

This, however, is an over-simplistic and incorrect view. First of all, there is no area of “FBAR” law. Rather, FBAR is a tax information return which is being administered by the IRS on behalf of FinCEN. This means that FBAR “law” forms part of a larger compliance framework within the area of international tax law. In essence, all “FBAR tax lawyers” are in reality international tax lawyers who must be knowledgeable not just about the FBARs, but about all relevant areas of international tax law.

However, despite its technical deficiencies, the term FBAR tax lawyers is commonly used to describe an international tax lawyer who helps his clients with FBAR compliance.

Second, an Austin FBAR tax lawyer does not mean that the tax lawyer must reside in Austin. FBAR is part of US federal tax law and can be practiced by an international tax lawyer who is licensed in any of the 50 states of the United States.

Thus, an international tax lawyer who is able to help his clients with FBAR compliance in Austin, Texas, is an Austin FBAR tax lawyer. This means that an Austin FBAR tax lawyer can actually reside in Minneapolis or any other city.

In this case, the modern means of communications usually come into play: email, Skype video conferences, telephone and regular mail. In fact, aside from initial consultation, your communication with an Austin FBAR tax lawyer who actually resides in Austin is likely to be limited exactly to these modern means of communication with very rare (if any) face-to-face meetings.

With this information in mind, we can now go back and answer my original question: Who is considered to be an Austin FBAR tax lawyer? The answer is as follows: An Austin FBAR tax lawyer is an international tax lawyer who is licensed to practice in any of the 50 states of the United States, resides anywhere in the United States (Minneapolis, for example) or any other country, and helps his clients in Austin with FBAR compliance with the help of modern means of communication.

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