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Often, people are searching for a Boston FATCA lawyer without a clear definition of who a Boston FATCA lawyer is. Indeed, who is a Boston FATCA Lawyer? Just a lawyer who resides in Boston or can a lawyer who resides outside of Boston qualify as a Boston FATCA lawyer? Is it any lawyer or only an international tax lawyer? Do all international tax lawyers qualify as a Boston FATCA lawyer?

Boston FATCA Lawyer Definition: Physical Residence Does Not Matter

Let’s first resolve the issue of physical residence. Here, we find that there are two types of lawyers who can qualify as a Boston FATCA Lawyer. First, a lawyer who resides and works in the city of Boston; this is logical and does not need further explanation.

Second, a Boston FATCA lawyer can also be a lawyer who resides outside of Boston, but who has clients in Boston. There are two reasons for this statement. First, the enormous improvements in modern communication technologies eliminated for all practical purposes the difference between a Boston FATCA lawyer who resides in Boston and a Boston FATCA lawyer who resides outside of Boston. The logistical ability of lawyers who reside outside of Boston to advise (with respect to FATCA) and prepare documents for their clients who live in Boston is virtually the same.

The second reason for why a lawyer who resides outside of Boston can still be considered as a Boston FATCA lawyer is the fact that FATCA is a federal law that concerns US international tax compliance; there is no special relationship between Boston and FATCA.  FATCA applies to all US taxpayers equally, not just US taxpayers who reside in Boston.  The logical extension of this statement is that the lawyers who practice in this area of law are able to provide their services with respect to FATCA irrespective of their residence.  This means that a lawyer in Boston has no inherent advantage over a lawyer who resides outside of Boston, because there is simply no local legal Bostonian addition to FATCA.

Boston FATCA Lawyer Definition: a FATCA Lawyer is an International Tax Lawyer

Not every lawyer qualifies as a Boston FATCA lawyer; in fact, very few lawyers qualify for this title because this is a very narrow specialty. A Boston FATCA lawyer is an international tax lawyer who is knowledgeable about FATCA, foreign accounts voluntary disclosure and the US international tax system in general.

The knowledge of US international tax requirements is highly important for a FATCA Lawyer. Many clients do not initially understand that FATCA is merely a part of a much larger network of international tax laws of the United States. The interaction of these laws with FATCA is what has an actual impact on the tax position of a US taxpayer. This is why it is highly important for a FATCA Lawyer to know not only FATCA itself, but also the entire US international tax law system.

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If you are looking for a Boston FATCA Lawyer, you should contact Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd. – an international tax law firm that specializes in FATCA compliance, offshore voluntary disclosures of foreign accounts (and other foreign assets) and US international tax issues in general.  While based in Minneapolis, Sherayzen Law Office has provided its services to hundreds of clients throughout the world with respect to their FBAR and FATCA compliance, including correcting past US tax compliance through Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures, Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures, Delinquent FBAR Submission Procedures, Delinquent International Information Return Submission Procedures and Reasonable Cause (Noisy) Disclosures.

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