Making Work Pay Credit

Making Work Pay Tax Credit is a refundable tax credit of available to many taxpayers in the tax year 2010.  The credit is up to $400 for individuals and up to $800 for married taxpayers filing joint returns.  Taxpayers who file Form 1040 and 1040A must use Schedule M to figure out their Making Work Pay Tax Credit (in particular, whether they have already received the full credit in their paychecks).  Taxpayers who file Form 1040-EZ should use the worksheet for Line 8 on the back of the 1040-EZ to figure their Making Work Pay Credit.

There is an income limitation on claiming the tax credit.  If a taxpayer’s modified adjusted gross income is or exceeds $95,000 (for individuals) or $190,000 (if married filing jointly), then he is not eligible to take the credit.

Additional limitations also exist.  In particular, the credit is not available for a taxpayer: who is claimed as a dependent on someone else’s tax return, has not a valid social security number, or who is a nonresident alien.

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