Sherayzen Law Office contract attorneys have extensive experience in contract drafting, review and negotiation with respect to both, US and international contracts.   We can also help you with any contract dispute resolutions (see below for details).

While providing our contract services, we work hard to make sure that the final contract reflects the most optimal position with respect to your other business and tax positions.  Therefore, our lawyers engage in extensive business and tax planning while drafting and negotiating the contracts for our clients.

Sherayzen Law Office focuses mainly on the following types of contracts.

1. Acquisition and Sale of Business Contracts

This type of contracts includes mainly Asset Purchase Agreements, Stock Purchase Agreements, and other types of Mergers and Acquisitions for small and medium-sized businesses.   Our international practices focus particularly on U.S. owners of foreign businesses, striving to provide the most balanced approach between the business and tax demands of such transactions.

Representative Case:  Eastern European Controlled Foreign Corporation (unrelated 90% US owners) engaged in foreign joint venture with Western European investors.  The company underwent conversion from corporation to partnership (liquidation and organization of new business for U.S. tax purposes) before being sold to unrelated Central European investors.  The case involved three stages of contracts involving the company, the joint venture and sales agreements; the case further demanded high-level international tax planning with respect to Subpart F and business liquidation issues.

2. Business Governance/Operational Agreements

This types of contracts mainly includes: Bylaws, Founders’ Agreements, Shareholders’ Agreements, Partnership Agreements, Limited Liability Company Member Control Agreements, Limited Liability Company Operating Agreements, Voting Agreements, and Buy/Sell Agreements.

Representative Case:   Member Control Agreement  drafted for a Minnesota Limited Liability Company owned by Mexican citizens with unequal distribution of profits and losses.

3. Employment and Service Agreements

This type of contracts usually includes international and U.S. Consulting Agreements, Employment Agreements, Independent Contractor Agreements.

Representative Case:  Drafted a comprehensive Independent Contractor Agreement between an established dental office and a dentist-contractor.

4. Intellectual Property Contracts

This is a fairly broad area that covers (Internet) Disclaimers, Franchise Agreements, Intellectual Property Transfer Agreements, Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements, Non-Competition Agreements, and Non-Disclosure Agreements.

Representative Case:  Drafted a Non-Disclosure Agreement for a non-profit corporation operating in Central America for negotiations with respect to joint research and development using client’s intellectual property.

5. Commercial Contracts and International Trade Agreements

This type of contracts usually involves International Sales Contracts (including Incoterms 2010), U.S. Sale of Goods Contracts and Release Agreements (by Seller).

Representative Case:  Drafted a Sale of Goods Agreement for a contract involving a purchase of certain industrial goods by an Eastern European factory from a U.S. firm based in Midwest.

Contract Dispute Resolution

In addition to contract drafting, review and negotiation services, Sherayzen Law Office attorneys offer comprehensive contract dispute resolution services.

When you retain Sherayzen Law Office to represent you in a contract dispute litigation, you get a vigorous advocate of your legal position who is thorough, detail-orientated and possesses strong litigation skills, with the analytical ability to identify and achieve effective resolutions. We recognize that litigation is a means to an end and structure our litigation strategies in such a way as to protect and enforce your business interests.

Contract litigation is not only about ambiguous, competing or contradictory clauses, but it also involves understanding the facts of your case and the likely judicial interpretation of the underlying agreement. Therefore, the knowledge of the contract construction rules (i.e. how the contract should be interpreted) and conflict-of-laws rules (i.e. which state’s or country’s rules of interpretation should apply) is indispensable in contract litigation.

The following is the list of types of contract disputes that Sherayzen Law Office accepts: breach of contract disputes, commercial litigation, contract interpretation disputes (including litigation about parties’ rights and obligations), implied contracts, purchase contracts, service agreements, and most other types of contract disputes.

Throughout our representation, we adhere to the principal of personal attention to your case and your legal needs. Whether you retain us for the purposes of contract negotiation, consultation or litigation, you will have an easy access to your attorney and a prompt answer to your questions.

As always, our main goal is to achieve the most satisfactory result for the client!

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