Balancing Money and the Earth

Sherayzen Law Office is one of the few boutique law firms in the Midwest that is able to offer high-quality international business and tax legal services to its clients throughout the United States.  Irrespective of the state (and, where necessary, country) in which our clients reside, we have been able to harness new affordable technology to provide up-to-date and personalized conduct of our clients’ cases.

Our international law services are designed to complement each of our major areas of practice in the United States.  This ability to advice our clients on the U.S. as well as international aspects of a case constitutes one of the most prominent advantages of retaining Sherayzen Law Office.

We organized our international law practice in three distinct divisions:  international contract law division, international tax law division, and international trade law division.

International Contract Law Services: international contract drafting and negotiation, consultation/review of international contracts, international contract litigation, international employment contracts (including expatriates)

International Tax Law Services: International/U.S tax compliance (FBARs, FATCA disclosure, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act ), ownership of foreign corporation disclosure, ownership of foreign partnership disclosure, anti-money laundering compliance,  international tax planning (in case of individuals, combined with international estate planning)

International Trade Law Services: international business transactions, foreign investment in the United States (including business organization for foreign investors), international copyright and trademark protection, international business litigation, international business tax planning

While providing our international law services, we emphasize three aspects of our business model: customization, thorough protection of your interests and personal attention.

  1. Customization: every legal situation is different and we customize our legal tools to address your special business and individual needs!
  2. Protection of your interests: we strive to offer maximum foreseeable protection of your business and personal interests! This means that when we provide our international legal services, we seek to guard you against the future hazards that commonly occur in a situation similar to yours, and we address the potential problems that might arise from the specific circumstances of your case.
  3. Personal attention: throughout our representation of you, your attorney will work with you personally! You will have an easy access to your attorney and a prompt answer to your questions.

As always, our main goal is to achieve the most satisfactory result for the client so that you and your business can find your own Legal Way Forward!

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