Section 179 Deduction for SUVs and Certain Other Vehicles

Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code allows taxpayers to purchase certain types of vehicles for business purposes and write off the cost. Specifically, taxpayers may expense up to $25,000 of the cost of any “heavy” SUV, pickup or van placed into service during the tax year, and used for over 50% for business purposes. Both new and used vehicles may qualify for the deduction.

A heavy vehicle for the purpose of the statute is generally any 4-wheeled vehicle with a gross vehicle weight above 6,000 pounds and not more than 14,000 pounds. Certain other specified vehicles are not subject to the $25,000 limit. For qualifying heavy vehicles, taxpayers may take regular depreciation (20% for the first year) in addition to the $25,000 write-off. However any percentage of non-business use below 100% must be reduced accordingly by the same percentage.

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