Sherayzen Law Office Offers Skype-Enabled Video Conferences

Using Technology to Improve Delivery of Legal Services

At Sherayzen Law Office, we are always thinking about how to use new technology to improve the delivery of legal services to our clients. For this reason, we have been investing in the acquisition of new technologies and finding better ways to use the existing ones.

Starting October 1, 2010, Sherayzen Law Office announced that it will offer Skype-enabled video conferences to its clients throughout the United States. We foresaw that the benefits of such conferences to our clients are enormous because such conferences constitute a low-cost communication tool which is one of the closest approximations to a regular meeting. Due to this almost “face-to-face” effect, the online video conferences allows for an immediate build-up of trust between our attorneys and our clients which is commonly associated with in-person consultations.

How to Set-Up a Video Conference

Setting up a Skype-enabled video conference is easy. First, you either contact Sherayzen Law Office by phone or e-mail to schedule the consultation. Second, you pay online an invoice emailed by Sherayzen Law Office through the Paypal system. This is it! The consultation will be held at the time convenient for you.

International Business and Tax Services as well as Federal Tax Services Can Be Delivered By Out-of-State Attorneys

There is a mistaken view that your attorney always has to be in your town to help you with any legal issues. In reality, the issue is much more complex. Most states allow out-of-state attorneys to deliver international business and contract services as well as federal tax services to clients in their states. Virtually all states, however, severely restrict (often prohibit) an attorney’s ability to help his clients with respect to state-regulated issues and especially litigation matters.

Sherayzen Law Office offers its international contract and business services as well as federal and international tax services to its clients throughout the United States and the world. In fact, on November 18, 2010, Sherayzen Law Office announced that it will expand its Skype-enabled video conferences to its clients throughout the world. This provides our clients with an opportunity to obtain high-quality legal services at reasonable prices.

Call or e-mail us NOW  to set-up a Skype-enabled video conference with an experienced lawyer to discuss your international business, contract or tax issues!