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If you have foreign financial accounts and reside in San Francisco (California), you should be looking for a San Francisco FBAR Attorney in California. In your search, you could consider out-of-state attorneys such as Mr. Eugene Sherayzen of Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd. (“Sherayzen Law Office”). Let’s explore in more detail why this is the case.

San Francisco FBAR Attorney: International Tax Attorney

First of all, it is very important to understand that, by looking for a San Francisco FBAR attorney, in reality, you are looking for an international tax attorney whose specialty includes FBAR compliance.

Ever since the FBAR enforcement was turned over to the IRS (in 2001), the term FBAR attorney applies exclusively to tax attorneys.

Moreover, FBAR enforcement belongs to a very special field of US tax law – US international tax law. The reason for this is simple: FBAR is an information return concerning foreign assets and the tax compliance concerning foreign assets and foreign income belongs to US international tax law. Hence, when you look for an FBAR attorney, you are looking for an international tax attorney with a specialty in FBAR compliance.

San Francisco FBAR Attorney: Out-Of-State International Tax Attorney

It is further important to note that, since you are looking for an attorney who specializes in US international tax law (i.e. a federal area of law), you do not need to limit yourself to lawyers who reside in San Francisco, California. On the contrary, you could consider international tax attorneys who reside in other states and help San Francisco residents with their FBAR compliance.

Sherayzen Law Office is an international tax law firm that specializes in US international tax compliance, including FBARs. While our office is in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we help taxpayers who reside throughout the United States, including San Francisco, California.

San Francisco FBAR Attorney: Broad Scope of Compliance

When retaining a San Francisco FBAR Attorney, you should consider the fact that such an attorney’s work is not limited only to the preparation and filing of FBARs. Rather, the attorney needs to be able to deliver a variety of services and freely operate with experience and knowledge in all relevant areas of US international tax law, including the various offshore voluntary disclosure options concerning delinquent FBARs.

Moreover, as part of an offshore voluntary disclosure, an FBAR attorney often needs to amend US tax returns, properly prepare foreign financial statements according to US GAAP, correctly calculate PFICs, and complete an innumerable number of other tasks.

Contact Sherayzen Law Office If You Need A San Francisco FBAR Attorney

Mr. Sherayzen has helped hundreds of US taxpayers worldwide to bring their tax affairs into full compliance with US tax laws. This work included the preparation and filing of offshore voluntary disclosures concerning delinquent FBARs. Sherayzen Law Office offers help with all kinds of offshore voluntary disclosure options, including: SDOP (Streamlined Domestic Offshore Procedures), SFOP (Streamlined Foreign Offshore Procedures), DFSP (Delinquent FBAR Submission Procedures), DIIRSP (Delinquent International Information Return Submission Procedures), IRS VDP (IRS Voluntary Disclosure Practice) and Reasonable Cause disclosures.

Thus, if you are a resident of San Francisco looking for an FBAR help, contact Sherayzen Law Office as soon as possible to secure Your Confidential Consultation!

FBAR Criminal Penalties


Potentially, a person who willfully fails to file an FBAR or files a false FBAR may be subject to:

  • A prison term of up to 10 years
  • Criminal penalties of up to $500,000
  • or both

When it comes to penalties, FinCEN Form 114 formerly Form TD F 90-22.1, Report on Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts (commonly known as FBAR), is one of the most severe forms ever issued by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

In addition to a rich arsenal of civil penalties, the FBAR is also armed with criminal penalties that U.S. taxpayers may face in cases of willful non-compliance with the FBAR regulations.  The two most common cases for criminal prosecution are willful failure to file an FBAR and willful filing a false FBAR, especially when combined with potential tax evasion.

The authority for the severe criminal penalties can be found in 31 U.S.C. § 5322.  This means that, potentially, a person who willfully fails to file an FBAR or files a false FBAR may be subject to a prison term of up to 10 years, criminal penalties of up to $500,000 or both potentially, a person who willfully fails to file an FBAR or files a false FBAR may be subject to a prison term of up to 10 years, criminal penalties of up to $500,000 or both

With the mountain of information that the IRS recently accumulated as a result of the 2009 OVDP, 2011 OVDI and, now, 2012 OVDP voluntary disclosure programs, one should expect a dramatic rise in FBAR enforcement. This, of course, means that we are likely to witness the equivalent rise in FBAR audits and criminal prosecutions.

Contact Sherayzen Law Office for FBAR Help

If you have undisclosed foreign accounts and you are subject to the FBAR requirements, contact Sherayzen Law Office immediately.  Our experienced international tax firm will thoroughly review your case, analyze the available options in a responsible and creative way, create a case plan, draft and complete the necessary legal and tax documents and forms, and rigorously represent your case before the IRS.

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