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Who is considered to be a Milwaukee FBAR Lawyer? This is a question that is important to all residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Let me try to answer this question.

Milwaukee FBAR Lawyer Definition: Legal FBAR Services Provided in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The term Milwaukee FBAR Lawyer includes two broad categories of international tax lawyers. The first category consists of lawyers who reside in Milwaukee and offer FBAR services to the residents of Milwaukee. The second category is comprised of lawyers who reside outside of Milwaukee but offer FBAR services to the residents of Milwaukee.

The first category is self-explanatory, but the second category requires a bit more explanation of one issue: why is an FBAR lawyer who resides outside of Milwaukee still considered a Milwaukee FBAR lawyer? The answer is relatively simple – FBAR is a federal compliance requirement and any licensed US international tax lawyer can practice it in any of the 50 states and the District of Columbia irrespective of his physical location. Local Milwaukee law and even Wisconsin law have nothing to do with FBARs.

A Milwaukee FBAR Lawyer Must be an International Tax Lawyer

I mentioned above that both categories of the definition of a Milwaukee FBAR Lawyer must consist of only international tax lawyers. I wish to emphasize this point – not any lawyer should advise with respect to FBARs, only US international tax lawyers.

This emphasis on knowledge of the US international tax law is not incidental; it is based on the fact that FBAR is merely a part of a much bigger US international tax law. These concepts are so deeply interrelated that it would be nonsensical to advise a client on his legal position just on the FBARs without the related US international tax law issues or the US international tax law without the FBARs.

This is why your Milwaukee FBAR lawyer should have a profound knowledge of and experience in both FBARs and all related US international tax laws and regulations.

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