September 17, 2012 Deadline for Estimated Tax Payments and Certain Business Entity Filings

This year, the usual September deadline for estimated tax payments for the the third-quarter (June 1-August 31) of 2012 moves to September 17 due to the fact that the usual date for the estimated tax payments (September 15) falls on Saturday. This requirements applies individuals who are either not paying their income tax through withholding or will not pay enough income tax through withholding.

September 17 deadline also applies to the 2012 third-quarter estimated tax payments of a corporation.

Furthermore, if a C-Corporation, S-Corporation or a Partnership obtained an automatic six-month (in case of a corporation) or an automatic five-month (in case of a partnership) extension for filing of their income tax returns (Forms 1120, 1120-S and 1065 (with K-1)), these entities must file these extended income tax returns by September 17, 2012.

It is important no note that the September 17 deadline applies only to taxpayers whose tax year is the calendar year. If a taxpayer uses a fiscal year as its tax year, then different dates for the deadlines may apply.

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