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If you reside in Austin, Texas, and you are a US beneficiary or a US owner of a foreign trust, you need the help of an experienced Austin Foreign Trust Lawyer as soon as possible due to very high penalties associated with US tax noncompliance regarding foreign trust reporting. However, a question arises: who is considered to an Austin Foreign Trust Lawyer?

Austin Foreign Trust Lawyer Definition: Legal Services Provided in Austin, Texas

It is first important to understand that the definition of an Austin Foreign Trust Lawyer is not limited by the physical presence of the lawyer in Austin, Texas. On the contrary, any international tax lawyer can be an Austin Foreign Trust Lawyer as long as he offers legal and tax services related to foreign trusts in Austin, Texas. This means that your foreign trust lawyer can reside in Minneapolis and still be considered as Austin Foreign Trust Lawyer even if he has never been to Austin.

Why? The answer is rather simple – the federal reporting requirements concerning foreign trusts are prescribed by federal law which can be practiced by any attorney who is licensed in any state of the United States. Since the focus is on the federal tax compliance, the physical residence of your foreign trust lawyer does not matter.

Austin Foreign Trust Lawyer Must Be an International Tax Lawyer

What really matters is the experience and knowledge of your Foreign Trust Lawyer with respect to foreign trusts and US international tax law that concerns foreign trust. Furthermore, a foreign trust lawyer should be aware of all areas of US international tax law that are indirectly related to foreign trusts in order to provide a proper advice to his clients.  Thus, the competence of your lawyer should be the most important criteria in your selection of an Austin Foreign Trust Lawyer.

Sherayzen Law Office Can Be Your Austin Foreign Trust Lawyer

If you are looking for a competent Austin Foreign Trust Lawyer, Sherayzen Law Office should be your choice. Sherayzen Law Office occupies a leading position in the world on this subject with extensive knowledge and experience concerning all major relevant areas of US international tax law including Form 3520, Form 3520-A, PFIC compliance, FATCA, FBAR and other relevant requirements. We have helped numerous taxpayers with their foreign trust issues, including situations involving multiple trusts and multiple jurisdictions. We have also helped our clients defend against IRS attempts to make our clients owners of a foreign trusts where, in reality, they were simply beneficiaries.

This is why, if you are looking for an Austin Foreign Trust Lawyer, you should contact Sherayzen Law Office today to schedule Your Confidential Consultation!

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