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Finding a good Denver FBAR Lawyer is not easy, especially if you do not know what exactly Denver FBAR Lawyer means. In this essay, I will define what lawyers fit into the definition of a Denver FBAR Lawyer and why you should retain the services of my firm, Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd.

Denver FBAR Lawyer Definition: Legal FBAR Services Provided in Denver, Colorado

Some of the readers may be surprised to learn that the definition of a Denver FBAR Lawyer is not limited by the physical presence of the lawyer. Rather, a Denver FBAR Lawyer is any international tax lawyer who offers legal and tax services related to FBARs in Denver, Colorado. This means that your FBAR lawyer can reside in Minneapolis and still be considered as Denver FBAR Lawyer even if he has never been to Denver.

Why is that? The reason is simple: FBAR is federal law, not state law; i.e. the city of Denver and the State of Colorado have absolutely nothing to do with the implementation of FBAR. Since there is no local input, the physical residence of your lawyer gives you no advantage whatsoever when it comes to legal services related to FBARs.

Denver FBAR Lawyer Must Be an International Tax Lawyer

While the physical location of a your FBAR lawyer is irrelevant, his competence in FBARs and the US international tax law is an indispensable quality. It is important to understand that, in the great majority of cases, the FBAR issues are tightly intertwined with other international tax compliance requirements, and it is the interaction between the FBAR and other international tax issues that is relevant to the determination of a taxpayer’s legal position. This is why your Denver FBAR lawyer should be highly knowledgeable in other areas of international tax law in addition to FBARs.

Denver FBAR Lawyer: the Convenience of Communication

Perhaps, while the readers agree that the definition of a Denver FBAR lawyer should include any experienced international tax lawyer who provides FBAR-related services in Denver, they may still point to old belief of the ease of communication with a local lawyer. In essence, this myth holds that while an out-of-state FBAR lawyer may be more competent in international tax law, it is better to rely on a local FBAR lawyer because it would be easier to communicate with him.

This myth is simply incorrect, because it does not take into account the development modern communications technology and it incorrectly represents a client’s communication with their Denver FBAR lawyer.

The modern communications technology has virtually eliminated the entire advantage of retaining a local Denver FBAR Lawyer. Email, telephone, fax and Skype video conferences provide ample opportunities to communicate with your lawyer wherever he is and at any point of time. In fact, as an international tax lawyer, I have continuously relied on these means of communication to successfully represent all of my out-of-state clients, including Denver, Colorado. There has not been a single case where my geographical location was of any importance.

Furthermore, it is important to understand that, aside from the initial consultation (which can also be conducted on Skype or telephone), almost all of your communication with a local Denver FBAR lawyer will be through the same modern means of communication – email and telephone. This means that 98% of communication between you and your lawyer will be done in the same manner irrespective of whether he resides in Denver!

Sherayzen Law Office is a Top Choice for Your Denver FBAR Lawyer

Sherayzen Law Office occupies a leading position in the world on this subject with extensive knowledge and experience concerning all major relevant areas of international tax law including PFIC compliance, Subpart F rules, all types of US international reporting returns, US income tax returns (individual, partnership and corporate) for domestic and foreign persons, et cetera. Furthermore, this is one of the leading international tax law firms in the world with experience in all major IRS voluntary disclosure programs, including 2009 OVDP, 2011 OVDI, 2012 OVDP and 2014 OVDP (now closed).

This is why, if you are looking for a Denver FBAR lawyer, contact Sherayzen Law Office, Ltd. today to schedule Your Confidential Consultation!

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